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We specialise in personal profile building for talent, leading experts and business personnel. Whether you are an established business figure, just starting out or re-launching, with our knowledge and expertise we will strategically project your public image with longevity and reputation enhancement in mind. 


On both a targeted and mass campaign scale, we generate controlled brand features to ensure our clients are seen and heard by their target audience.

Based on our excellent relationships with agents and celebrities we expertly negotiate and secure celebrity deals based on our client’s needs and objectives. 


Alliance PR works with the best in the business and we offer high quality in-house campaign, look book photography, stock shoots for feature and profiling purposes, film, model casting, pre and post production and design management. Ensuring all layers of your public profile or brand message is long-lasting. 


We are experienced in organising showbiz press calls, stunts, seasonal press days and product launches and can facilitate all aspects of the event.


We can help you build and manage your social space in line with your image and goals, offering full social platform strategy and community management.


We can also retain control over a personal story and high profile breaking news, ensuring it is communicated and dealt with in the correct way.