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Stephanie Brookes – Food Expert & BBC Contributor

Stephanie Brookes is a food writer, reviewer and presenter. She is considered the go-to contact for recommendations of the best places to eat in London and beyond. Stephanie writes a monthly column for Essence magazine, exploring the latest restaurants as well as food trends.

Stephanie’s passion has seen her land the Food Expert spot on BBC Radio London, exploring London’s thriving culinary scene on the Jo Good and Simon Lederman Saturday Morning show.

Her fresh, pragmatic approach sees her celebrating food, whether it’s discovering the hottest street food, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, or seeking out up and coming eateries or the newest food markets.

As well as her broadcast work, Stephanie is highly sought-after by brands as her social platform is continually growing, and is a resource for anyone looking for the best foodie recommendations. She has landed the coveted compering role at the Fantastic British Food Festivals event at the Wimbledon Park Food Festival over the summer. Stephanie will also be presenting at the British Restaurant Awards in London.

With her warm personality, wit and celebratory attitude towards food, she is attracting the attention of food lovers everywhere.